Changing Course

by | Feb 28, 2023

Changing Course:

I love and welcome change in my life!  It keeps me on my toes,  teaches me to find comfort in the uncomfortable, and something new and different keeps life fun and fresh. If I have a consistent routine, I tend to get bored and antsy. I can’t do the same thing over and over again, it seems monotonous and I feel stagnant. I love to learn, grown, expand my horizons, and normally, if something is not working for me in my life, it’s time for change.


If I’m feeling anything but I get to the root of what is making me feel anything but joy. Sometimes we don’t know even know what is is that we aren’t happy about. We blame others, spouses, family, friends, jobs, financial struggles, health issues,  If every day is a struggle, it’s a good indicator you aren’t on the right path. Oftentimes we become numb to what isn’t working in our lives, the things that make us unhappy, or cranky or  Yes is can be uncomfortable, yes it can be scary sometimes, but





I have a story,

It’s made me strong and independent

Always able to do it on my own

Now changing course

Attracting instead of chasing

Imagining instead of logic

Nurturing whats within

Gracious, grateful, fearless, loving

Open not closed

Happy not sad or regretful


Knowing what feels right

Not afraid of what’s ahead

Welcoming change, knowing…

I attract everything I want and need.


Thankful for wisdom in the discouragement

And successes of my life

Learning, growing, morphing

Developing into a better human

A contributor to society

Not a consumer