Making music encompasses every aspect of my creative being! As a child, one of my first memories is standing in front of the TV watching the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. Right, then I asked my mom and dad for a record player with a microphone for Christmas. When I opened that little package from Santa it was beautiful and the best present ever!  Our living room soon became my stage and I loved singing and dancing.

Country music was what I grew up listening to, and my Gramp was always plunking away on the piano or picking his guitar. I took piano lessons for a short time as a child, but the saxophone was my instrument of choice. I wrote poetry as a kid, and as I look back now at some of the things I wrote, it was a place for me to escape. I didn’t want to be working cattle or irrigating corn on the farm. I wanted to write poetry, take pictures, play my sax… doing anything creative.

Making Music

As a young child, my Granny gave me my first little Kodak camera and loved taking pictures. My sisters were my models, along with our horses, dogs, cats, and the wildflowers growing in the pastures.. anything I could photograph was my subject!  In high school and college, I lived in a dark room.

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